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Terastorm 2D


When an ancient artifact is discovered by KifaruTek, its lead scientist and founder Victor Thimba attempts to harness its mysterious energy in a secret operation dubbed "Project Lightstorm" – a program that manufactures highly advanced weapons and military tech for top world governments. An ambush takes place at KifaruTek, as a mysterious attacker breaks in and steals the artifact, using its power to resurrect Eli-Ra, an ancient wizard demigod. The fate of the planet lies in the balance and a group of brave heroes join forces to battle an enemy more powerful and sinister than they could possibly imagine. Fueled by vengeful rage, Eli-Ra plans to enslave humanity through a "baptism of fire". The brave heroes must be willing to put their very lives on the line to defeat Eli-Ra before his barrage of devastation and ruin puts an end to humanity. However, it may be too late to save the planet from the onslaught. CAST: Ali Mwangola Melvin Alusa Aarabron Nyyneque Sarah Muhoho Mungai Kiroga Marrianne Nungo Director & Writer: Andrew Kaggia Producer: Andrew Kaggia, Firul Maithya

Genre: Animated

Rating: PG